And the results say...
The following are the results of the Managers' Motivation Survey.  This survey was used to gather general information about motivational levels in eight specific areas:  Achievement, Belonging, Commitment, Enjoyment, Focus, Satisfaction, Volunteering, and Work Effort. 

In what areas of motivation are we most successful?

The average motivational levels for Belonging and Work Effort were the highest levels of motivation, according to the respondents to this survey (N=37).  These areas are measured by open lines of communication, fair treatment for everyone, exceeding standards for production and/or quality, and "going the extra mile" in job-related duties.

In what areas could we stand to improve?
The areas in which our respondents say the most improvement is needed are in the areas of personal Achievement and Satisfaction.  These areas are measured by the perception of adequate compensation, room for improvement, and a sense of accomplishment and a job well done. 

Still have questions?
If you are interested in finding out more about workplace motivation, including the differences between perceived motivation and actual motivation, i.e., how does this survey compare with a similar survey completed by employees instead of managers, please contact Pro AMT Services through e-mail or by telephone at 321-443-3145.  Pro AMT Services offers consulting services in Adult Learning, Management, and Training systems, including how to turn your corporate training program into college credits for your employees and specialized services including workplace topics such as motivation, personalities, and rewards and recognition programs.

Thank you!

Disclaimer:  The results of this survey are not to be used to base any future research or to make management decisions.  Due to the inherent nature of online surveys, the statistical results of this, or any other survey, may be skewed by a myriad of factors.  For survey results specific to your working environment, please contact Pro AMT Services for a personal consultation.

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